Friday, May 30, 2008

Business Cards

As stated in my previous blog, I am new to Avon. And I just got my business cards..TODAY....and I LOVE Them. I am not trying to sell you business cards. I am just letting you know what I did. I went to vista prints online and ordered the free business cards. I got 250 for like around $5.00 and the $5.00 was bascially for shipping. I would recommend getting them if you are in need of some. I got a very cute orange business card that has a picture of a girl on it that actually reminds me of myself. They said it would take like 21 days or a month to get and that was not true for me. I got them in like a week. I'm so excited. If buying business cards isnt for you then you could pick up some that you can make yourself at walmart or an office supplies store. I've done that too. Have fun Networking! GO SALES!

AVON Booth Idea & Tips

Hello! What a Great Day It is TODAY! I am so excited to start this new blog. As a new Avon Rep I am starting a blog to hopefully help other Avon Reps both brand new and with some experience under their belt with sales ideas.

My first tip is.................Set up at a craft fair/booth event and have an Avon table! I did this in my first week of Avon and it helped me to generate orders! And actually I just received an email from someone who picked up one of my Avon brochures at my booth and they just emailed me an order of over $100.00 in products. So, let me tell you what I did. I checked online and in local papers for some local craft events. I picked the weekend that I would be available-and then went to searching. The craft fairs are usually held on a Saturday and are usually all day events. The booth rental space is usually somewhere between free-$100 and up. My max that I pay for a booth is usually $50.00 because I know that I will usually generate enough new customers/orders to cover that fee. Anything over that is a little much for me. However, if you share a booth with other Reps at a very popular event that is costly-it may be worth it for some good new customers! Okay, so another thing you will need to check when signing up for booth space is if the craft event allows for commerical vendors. Some will allow Avon booths and others wont, some only allow hand made crafts. After your booth has been booked-then get ready!

So, here's my recommendation:
*You will usually need a canopy tent if the event is outside. You can usually buy one of these at Wal-Mart or other like stores for $79-99. Or borrow one from a friend or relative if available.
*You will also need some tables too. Again-Wal-Mart/Target or the like will have these tables. One table is fine to start with and then if you like doing these events you could invest in more.
*If you have a nice sheet you can use that as a table cloth or you can buy one at party city or another supply store.
*Dont forget a chair for yourself too :)
*Get plenty of books and hand those puppies out!
*Bring product to display/sell.
*Make up either a gift basket or gift certificate and have people sign up to win. ---This is a big key to success--on the sign up paper make sure to have a place where people put their name/email/address/number/if they need an avon rep/if they would like to be a rep. FOLLOW UP ON THESE GREAT LEADS!
*Bring a Lotion and stand IN FRONT of your booth and offer samples in order to lure traffic to your booth.
*HAVE FUN! Look Professional! Speak Positively!
*Bring Business Cards and NETWORK. Last booth I did I met a lady who owns a Curves and invited me to place books at the curves--HELLO GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO REACH WOMEN!

Other additional tips on having an Avon booth:
1. I recommend having the booths in areas that you would like to service. I did a booth at a place that was 45 minutes from my house and it was fine but most of the customers that I generated from there want one on one service-they don't want to order online and such and it's a challenge to service those customers and my regular customer base near me. So, I would recommend sticking close to home at first and then work your way outward. But GO FOR IT!
2. Don't be discouraged if you don't get lots of orders or if it doesn't turn out how you would have hoped for. This is a great marketing idea and some events are more successful than others. I think it is definitely worth it. As my goal is to increase my customer base! I've always taken at least one order at each event thus far.
3. Have fun and don't spend too much on buying the other cute crafts at the fair :) HAPPY SELLING:) GO SALES!